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An Alternative Gift-Giving Option

Why do these children need uniforms? 
Wearing uniforms brings equality in the classrooms; impoverished children have
dignity and a brighter future.

Be a part of the solution!
 $16.40 for 2 uniforms
 $82.50 for 10 uniforms
 $247.50 for 30 uniforms

Enter an amount for uniforms

Enter an amount for unspecified projects

How Project Ethiopia Works:

We raise funds in USA and Canada to send to Ethiopia.  All Ethiopian expenditures are 
accounted for with receipts and the projects are visited and reviewed each year.

We work very rurally where other aid money does not reach.

100% of your donation goes to the projects.  Paul, Judy and Dennis pay all administration 
and travel costs.

Workineh and Awoke provide leadership and organize all of the work.  There are 5 salaried workers hired at Ethiopian wages and all villagers volunteer labor for work on homes and schools.

Villagers have been trained as cement masons, concrete block makers, metal workers,
well diggers, toilet floor makers:  an infrastructure that makes these improvements
possible using skilled workers in rural villages.

Project Ethiopia does not give money to individuals.  Instead, your contribution buys materials
and hires local people to support projects.  For example: we give wood, nails and paint
to build blackboards instead of giving money to a school director to buy blackboards.

We buy materials locally, helping the economy.  The only materials we buy elsewhere are
things we cannot buy locally and these include solar lanterns and urine-diverting toilets.

All projects originate with and are "owned" by the villagers.  Our greatest resource is
village support.



We'd love to make a presentation about 
Project Ethiopia to your group.
Please contact us (click here).
We may have a speaker available in your area.

Ethiopian children thank you for uniforms!
Imagine 1st grade when you are 14 years old!

These children are happy to finally start 1st grade.
Say "Cheese!": why aren't they smiling?  Cameras are so rare in their lives, that some children have never had their pictures taken or even know what they look like as mirrors are rare, too.
Is that a boy or a girl?: Almost every child (and adults too) have short hair because water is scarce for hair-washing.  You can tell the boys and girls apart by the clothing: pants for boys and dresses or skirts for girls.
Color of Uniforms: chosen by each school.

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