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2013 Fall Newsletter - Fall Newsletter

Project Ethiopia is a Volunteer Organization with no official status.  The Ethiopian government has no control over our money or our projects.  Awoke writes: "In Dangla, the district administration and the mayor's office openly praised our achievements... - read more

2012 Fall Newsletter - Fall Newsletter

Project Ethiopia has built 3 rural schools.  In these villages, 100% of the children are now in school.  They also have kindergarten and adult education!  Villagers have "spoken" with their money.  The farmers' improved economy has been used for their children - a village without a school used their money to hire a person to tend the cows so 100% of their children can walk to a village with a school.  Read More



2012 Summer Newsletter - with video - Summer Newsletter 

Tarakegn decided a grass-roofed alternative basic education "school" where a parent could teach the children to read and write, was better than no school. A few villagers assisted him and a classroom was built. However other villagers were upset because it was built on common grazing land. They BURNED it down!. . read more

2012 Spring Newsletter - new format - Spring Newsletter

More praise for Project Ethiopia from Oxfam, an international confederation of 15 organizations working together to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.

Awoke's email from February 2012 

2011 Fall Newsletter

Dennis and Judy report:  “Improvement is much more widespread than just in ‘our’ villages. Knowledge of hygiene, of how to get a school built in a rural area, and of how to make money bee farming and using urine as fertilizer is spreading! It was astounding to us how visible the change is.” October, 2011 trip.

2011 Paul's Newsletter

Our new partner's recent trip to Ethiopia with his daughter to oversee the implementation of sewing sanitary pads for girls so they can continue their education - read the latest newsletter.

2011 Spring Newsletter

We have had great success in our geographic area villages and schools.
Read about our 2010 accomplishments and how we will grow.

2010 Summer Newsletter

A step out of poverty…
The farmers’ trial of diluted urine as fertilizer found it is better than expensive chemical urea fertilizer. A savings of $115/year by using urine is an economic boost for the farmers whose income is less than $2/day. This closes the food/agriculture loop! Farmers will use urine collected in the urine-diverting school latrines and their family latrines...

Award by Intiman Theater-
On November 19th, 2009 Judy and Dennis were honored as King County Heroes at the Intiman Theater in Seattle.  Below is part of their congratuatory letter from the Director of Communications at the Intiman Theater, Stephanie Coen.

"On behalf of everyone at Intiman Theatre, congratulations again on being selected as one of our King County Heroes!

Each year, as part of an ongoing series called the American Cycle, Intiman Theatre produces a play that we hope will inspire a city-wide conversation about issues relevant to our community. This year, that play is Abe Lincoln in Illinois, about the man who became the president and his journey toward embracing hope and choosing to fight for all people. As part of the American Cycle, we called upon the citizens of King County to help us identify and honor brave individuals who dedicate their time and energy to bettering our world.

You and Dennis were nominated as heroes by Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas.  

We were thrilled by the number of wonderful submissions that came in, all citing the work of impressive individuals who are deeply worthy of public recognition. You were among the highest ranked by our panel and we are truly delighted to be able to recognize you as someone who embodies the spirit and qualities of Abraham Lincoln."

Award by Camp Brotherhood-
Awoke, Judith, Dennis and Workineh were awarded the 2009 Father William Treacy ‘Models-of-Hope’ Award
by Camp Brotherhood and the Board of Trustees

Awoke - in Seattle to Thank You, August 2009

Awoke's visit was a tremendous success and a big "thank you" to everyone who came out to enjoy the talks, we enjoyed meeting you.  While Awoke was in Seattle, the local television station, KING 5,  interviewed Dennis and Judy about Project Ethiopia.  Read the interview on King 5.

Read about Project Ethiopia in the Newspaper Article from the Journal Media Group in King County, Washington, published September 1, 2009:

"Ballard residents Judy Sanderman and Dennis Wilkins certainly didn’t have plans to change the world when they first visited Ethiopia on a post-retirement vacation in 2002. But they are doing just that, with what seem to be the simplest things: water, toilets, floors and roofs. The effects of providing necessities through their small-scale nonprofit, Project Ethiopia, have spread far beyond making a few families happier and healthier..." to read more - click here

2009 Summer Newsletter

Latrines in and being used by the families and schools adding years to the life expectancy of villagers and students - More

2008 September Newsletter:

A new building for grades 1 - 4 has been built with all labor from parents and Project Ethiopia helping with materials: some corrugated roof sections, nails, and concrete floor. test - more

2008 May Newsletter

"No one is sick."  "We live a life of luxury with clean floors and safe water."  These are joyful reports from the first two villages where every house has a concrete floor, there are wells for safe water, and every house will soon have a composting twin-pit latrine. - More

2007 Newsletter:

Ethiopian children received uniforms thanks to Sammamish/Fall City, WA swim school children.  The school children each donated $6 for a uniform and school supplies for a year. - more

2006 Newsletter:

Ethiopian successes continue. The highlight of our February 20 – March 10 visit to Ethiopia was the growth of a network of local people who are happy to be helping.  Each community’s skilled workers caught the vision as Awoke Genetu, our Ethiopian partner and friend, negotiated with them and explained our projects to them and these workers reduced their prices below what Awoke offered in some cases.  One said he would have profit taken in satisfaction, not money.  - more